Small Business

We work with the local Small Business Development Centers in providing advice and coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners. We work at all levels of the business cycle including startups, to business plans, to launches and on into strategic planning for your business. In this service, we excel at brainstorming solutions and being your accountability partners. We offer:

  • business plan review
  • cash flow planning
  • strategic planning tools and techniques
  • reference materials
  • on-line business courses

 Claudia Pannell has attended and completed Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training. Completion of this training does not make Claudia an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give Claudia the right to speak for or bind Dave Ramsey, nor constitute an endorsement by Dave Ramsey.

Claudia Pannell, Partner
 Serving clients primarily in Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois
 Pannell Advisory Group, Inc.

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