Financial Reports


What are your most pressing financial concerns? What operational issues keep you up at night? Business starts with resources. Those resources may be in the form of cash from the owner, loans from the bank or friends, or the sale of stock for an interest in the business. The resources also may be in the form of real estate, equipment supplies, fixtures or other items necessary for conducting the business.

In this workshop, we address the responsibility of the business owner as the one held accountable for obtaining, using, tracking, and reporting where resources are and how they are being utilized. The basic financial statements are one way of accomplishing this task. They demonstrate the past use of resources as a given point in time. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about financial stability in your business!

This workshop is Module 3 in the Start Strong series and costs $25.  It will be held on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  The workshop is held at the Perry Main Street Office located at 315 North 7th Street, Perry, OK.

To Register, call Perry Main Street at 580-336-1212

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