Kids and Budgets

It is never too early to get our children on the path to making good financial decisions.  The Dave Ramsey organization has taken great strides in providing the tools our children need to start healthy financial habits.  The one I particularly like is Financial Peace, Jr., but I am also partial to the Adventure Pack.  Both do an exceptional job in helping our kids start and grow in financial fitness.  They have stories the children can relate to and exercises that teach responsibility and reward.  When our children learn that integrity is more important than money, we have raised a generation of hope that spreads kindness and expects others to carry their fair share.  But the most rewarding experience of all comes when your children are sharing their knowledge of finance with their friends and teaching them through example.  It not only warms our hearts with pride, but gives amazing hope for our future, their future and beyond!

Having Problems Getting Out of Debt?

“Life is too expensive.” “I’ll never get out of debt.” “I don’t make enough money.” “Investing is too risky.”

Do these sound familiar?  Consider for a moment that thoughts become words and words become actions.  If you are having trouble getting out of debt…CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS!!

Think:  “I have more than enough.”  “God provides for my needs.”  “I feel comfortable living within my means.”

Live like no one else, so that tomorrow you may live like no one else!

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