Reviewing Last Years Budget

Dave Ramsey offers a Quick Start Budget form that simplifies the budgeting process. It is available for free at It doesn’t matter whether you are new at creating and working with budgets or you have struggled with budgets over time. The important thing is that you do a budget and feel comfortable working with one. The process is really easy: Identify all income; Identify all expenses; Subtract expenses from income and adjust until the result is zero; Track expenses through the month. Through out the month, you may need to adjust the budget. A great exercise is to take the expenses and income from last month, last quarter or last year and see how you have been doing. Chances are you see very quickly some things you want to change immediately. Reviewing last year’s budget in January, puts you in a position to avoid the unexpected in the new year. The Quick Start Budget makes it one baby step closer to mastering the Budget process. Happy Budgeting!

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